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London Fog Candle

(25 customer reviews)

Milk Tea | Cream | Vanilla

Originating in our hometown of Vancouver, Canada, London Fog is known as a “tea latte”, made with Earl Grey Tea, steamed milk, and a touch of vanilla syrup.

This subtly sweet candle offers a vibrant, yet cozy vibe, with the fog and dew of this rainy city lingering just behind each curl of smoke.

Bergamot citrus and warm vanilla mingle together, creating a fragrant finish that will have you longing for more chilly days spent inside.



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London Fog Soy Candle

• A burn time of 40-50+ hours on 2-wick 8 oz candles

• A burn time of 70-80+ hours on 3-wick 14 oz candles.

• We use only 100% natural soy wax that is made to burn cleanly that’s biodegradable, vegan and made from vegetables & all renewable sources.

• Self-trimming 100% cotton wicks (no trimming necessary, for real!)

• Comes in a reusable and 100% recyclable glass jar/vessel.

• Hand-poured and highly curated tea inspired scents that are paraben-free.



Weight0.384 kg
Dimensions12 × 10.2 × 8 cm

8oz (2-wick candle), 14oz (3-wick candle)

25 reviews for London Fog Candle

  1. Michelle

    Unbelievable smelling and scented soy candle. Very cozy and sweet and exactly what I dreamed of when I saw London Fog Candle!

  2. Faye

    My #1 favourite candle of all time for cozy nights. The perfect candle if you like creamy and sweet.

  3. Jill

    This London Fog candle is the best candle ever made! Not just me but all my friends come over and comment how amazingly cozy my place smells.

  4. Rochelle

    My whole family loves this candle soo soo much to say the least!

  5. Tara

    Omg this candle smells so wonderful. Very creamy, cozy and perfect amount of sweetness.

  6. Joan S.

    The London Fog candle is by far my favorite candle of all time. Thanks Tea House Candle!

  7. Charlie

    Wow what a beautiful smelling candle! 5 out of 5 stars

  8. Semaya

    Best candle ever!!!

  9. Rachel White

    Gifted to my family, and they LOVE this scent!

  10. Beth

    Best smelling candle ever!

  11. Alex

    I got this London Fog candle as a gift and wow it is such a wonderful candle!! 5 stars

  12. Dara

    London fog candle smells amazing

  13. Maryanne T.

    OMG I love this candle so much!

  14. Caroline

    The London Fog is the smelling candle ever!

  15. Miles

    Okay no joke this London fog candle is the best candle ever made!

  16. Mina

    Everyone loves this candle so much, and friends always comment how great my place smells

  17. Maria S.

    I love the London Fog scent! I highly recommend this candle to anyone who loves the comforting scent of vainilla and milk tea. You can even smell it around the house even when it’s not burning! I will definitely be purchasing it again in the future.

  18. Emm

    Best London Fog Scented Candle ever. Such a wonderful smelling candle!

  19. Vicky

    This London Fog is the coziest candle I’ve ever had.

  20. Louise

    The best London Fog candle ever that’s for sure. What a treat!

  21. Eza

    The very best cozy smelling candle!

  22. Miranda

    This is the coziest candle of all time! Absolutely love it!!

  23. Ashley P.

    I love my London Fog and also the Gyokuro candles soooo much. Thank you David and Dennis!

  24. Cam

    I just bought 2 London fog big candles and wow I really couldn’t give them a better review then it’s truly perfect! I love how cozy and creamy it is while being very clean, made with soy wax and cotton wicks.

  25. Maddy

    No joke the best cozy and sweet soy candle

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