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About Us Tea House Candle Company

Create Your Missing Spark

Our goal is to inspire people to create what they feel is missing in this world. 

We would like to do exactly that with our tea-inspired & scented candles, each handmade with highly curated fragrances and materials for completely original, unmatched scents.

From the creation of our scents to who we partner with, every step of our way is guided by ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices.  

Inspiration. Community. Environment.

About Tea House Candle

Scents Inspired by Tea.

A shared love of culture, tea, and candles has led us to create our original candles.

Our diverse cultural backgrounds have inspired our passion from before we knew it.

One of us immigrated from Taiwan to Canada over 14 years ago and associates tea with fond memories of home, family, and friends.

The second of us, has English family roots where he has always enjoyed the tea-time traditions of bringing friends together and sharing stories, but also its calming and relaxational benefits.


Brighten Your Day with Inspiration and Community.

Whether you are enjoying some alone time in the afternoon or connecting with family or friends, we found both candles and tea can help create positive environments, connections, and new-found inspiration.

Tea can also bring people together, brighten old memories or create new sparks of life. 

Tea smells and scents can be crisp, refreshing, warm, buttery, or even spicy; just like our living memory. In different settings, we choose different tea to comfort our daily life. 

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Vancouver B.C. – Handcrafted In Small Batches


We’ve learnt great candle-making comes down to passion, creativity and a science.

Every candle we make is hand mixed, poured and packaged by our team in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.


Clean Burning – 100% Soy Wax & Cotton Wicks


You can be sure our candles do not contain toxic ingredients such as paraffin wax. 

We only us premium 100% natural soy wax and with clean burning cotton wicks. 

Glass Vessels – 100% Recyclable & Reusable


We aren’t interested in adding to landfills. 

That’s why we make all our candle vessels with reusable and 100% recyclable glass vessels.

Our Environmental Commitment

• We only use 100% soy wax that’s vegan, animal & eco-friendly.

• Vessels containers are made of 100% recyclable & reusable glass.

• Clean burning and self trimming cotton wicks.

• We partner and work with people who put the earth & its people first.

Glass Recycle Candle Vessels

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