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Unique Candle Scents, Inspired By Tea.

Ruby Black Tea

Gyokuro Green Tea

Silver Needle White Tea

Handmade In Canada

High quality & curated ingredients

Original & Unique Scents

Add calm & elegance to any room

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Only premium soy wax, never paraffin.

Our Featured Candles

Silver Needle | White Tea

Its citrusy aroma is accompanied with a honey-like sweetness, beautifully bound by floral notes of jasmine.

Gyokuro | Green Tea

Its subtle floral aromatics are reminiscent of springtime, as light shimmers through the fresh blooms of silky pink cherry blossoms.

Ruby | Black Tea

Enjoy the sweetness of cinnamon, followed by hints of refreshing mint and additional notes of rose, cedar, and pink salt.

Extend Tea Time

Tea House

Inspired By Tea & Sustainability 

We are based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 

Originally created as we couldn’t find any tea scented or inspired candles anywhere.

We love how tea can create positive feelings, environments and inspiration while candles always tend to bring people together making everyone around them feel at home.  

Our motivation is to create products for people that are as enjoyable as they are ethical.

Every candle we make is handmade in small batches using only premium vegan soy wax. 

Created with premium fragrance oils, bringing the most original scents and fresh environments to your home.

We plant one tree for every candle sold in a country being affected by deforestation. 

Candle Reviews @teahousecandle

We listen very closely to all our customers. We value all feedback and suggestions and are dedicated to giving each the potential to impact our future. 

As a candle and tea lover this is the perfect combo! Especially during a bath! 🙂

Matthew Astorga

@matthewastorga & Ruby Black Tea

This is the first green tea candle I have ever had and been loving every second of it! Can’t wait to try more by Tea House Candles. 

Bre N.

@bresassy & Gyokuro Green Tea

Silver needle is the perfect candle to burn!! It has just the right amount of fragrance, and it instantly lightens my mood. I highly recommend Tea House Candles to anyone 🙂

Maxine L.

@mmaxinelucille & Silver White Tea

They are made with quality ingredients that smell true to what they are! The scents are so natural, and I love that they are non toxic shipped environmentally friendly packaging.

Julia Mark.

@glam_gourmet & Classic Candle Set

Tea House Candle is truly bringing luxurious soy candles to your home. They are lovingly hand poured and smell like a meticulously made perfume. 

Janet Ly.

@pastryturtle & Green + White Tea

Our Environmental Mission

  • We partner & work with people who put the earth, and its people first.

  • Candle containers are made of 100% recyclable & reusable glass.
  • Premium soy and vegan-friendly wax. Never Paraffin wax. 
  • All packaging, shipping boxes & labels are recyclable. 
  • Shipping peanuts used are biodegradable & made of potato starch. 
  • We plant one tree for every candle sold to help reduce our environmental impact. 
Handmade Wicks for Candles
Soy Candle Wax
Glass Recycle Candle Vessels
Product Labeling - Tea House Candle Company
Handmade Wicks for Candles
Soy Candle Wax
Glass Recycle Candle Vessels

Candles That Aren't Like Any Others

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